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Welcome to my blog. I live in beautiful sunny Colorado with my husband and fur babies.   I have been in the real estate investment and interior design business for over 15 years.  My hobbies are photography, blogging,  folk and fiber arts, crafting of all sorts and an occasional animal rescue.  I created Wonders of Whimsy back in 2008, Little House of Miracles in 2009  and Carter Design Studios in 2011.  My photography collection has spanned quite some years and can be viewed and purchased on Twenty20   My goal for 2016 is to clean out my closet ( a work in progress) blog more, finish my children’s book and start crafting again.  Apart from that, I really enjoy working from home, being with my family, obsessing over fashion, playing golf, hiking in the mountains, gardening, learning and cultivating new experiences.

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