Thursday, January 11, 2018

The Struggles of an Outsider.

Last night, after coming home from pottery class I really wanted to make art.  I was just going to
draw a practice sketch but then I keep going... Adding colored pencil, then paint and more colored pencil.  There were so many times during this piece that I just wanted to throw her out.  I kept screwing her up and going over it again and again.  I put her up for the night in hopes that in the morning I would figure her out and know what to do.  So, this morning I got out my paint and just started going over anything I didn't like.  At some points I felt I was making her worse, but just really pushed thru and decided she is finished.  She's far from perfect... But, thank goodness folk art is not fine art.  I didn't feel like crying and I only told myself I suck once. So, I can just be happy with getting whatever I need emotionally "out" during the process of creating.   I get compliments on my art from ladies who really like my "style" so I should be happy that, "well, at least I have a style" right?  I struggle and flail as an artist almost every day.  Mostly because I just like to wing it and have no patience.   I am learning how to deal with my critical nature each and every day.   

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