Friday, January 12, 2018

Renaissance Art Journal Entry - Page 2

Well, I didn't clean up so much as to just get into creating something else. Might as well, since the paints out.  I was ambitious trying acrylic on gessoed journal paper.  Not even remotely close to what this painting deserves, but it was really fun to paint on.   I am so happy that I tried it and now I know I can do many more acrylic pages in my journal - as long as the binding can withstand it that is.
I might need to leave many pages just sketched on to save the binding.  

The Renaissance is my favorite art period.  I loved the realism in Neoclassical and the fabulous style of the Rococo period.  I have never taken a class in portrait painting or oil painting.  For my folk art, I rarely use a real image of a person, so this practice was helpful.  I imagine I could make her much prettier if I spend more than 2 hours on her.  My goal is two max hours inside each journal a week.  I can spend up to 4 on other paintings that I do.  So far for me that is awesome!!!  I am learning patience and acceptance during each piece I make and that makes me happy.  

I am not sure if I will offer this in print or not....we will see. 

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