Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Frida Kahlo Art Journal

This piece was inspired by the Folk Art of Heather Galler.  I chose colored pencil because I was afraid of water color from my prior experience.  I think I chose wrong... I have never used colored pencil over a gessoed page before and well it was quite different than I expected.  So, I had to finish the piece like that.  Which to be honest my perfectionist side 'hates' her, but that is because somehow I grabbed the wrong marker and it smeared all over the page and got on my hand...which you can tell from the detailed image. BOO.  I sprayed her with fixative and called her done after that.  I want to say that I am learning every day with this process of journaling and sketching for fun because I cannot give up! I am forced to finish projects that I feel I would just throw out and get discouraged by.  So, if you are an unskilled artist like me looking to learn and grow without that pesky voice telling you - you aren't good at it - then journaling might be a good thing for you. I know I will look back at these books and find that my skills have grown and to be able to see "how far I've come"

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