Monday, January 8, 2018

Blogging Journaling & Perfectionism

Let's Talk:  I wanted to start blogging again the way I used to.  What I mean by that is when I started this blog a decade ago I shared almost daily about the projects I was working on or things I was dealing with on a more personal level.  I made hundreds of friends from my experience and gain so much in my personal life from those people inspiring me and encouraging me.

Do you wanna know why I stopped blogging and stopped making art?  Perfectionism. Yep, I am a perfectionist. What I have struggled with in the past was that I was basing my desire to make art on whether people bought it or not.  I felt discouraged, if my art didn't sell.  And quite frankly I would tell  myself that I SUCK.  As if I relied solely on someone else in my creative endeavors.

Why do art if you don't get pleasure out of it? Right?  Well, I realized I did enjoy drawing and painting a lot better when I had no expectation.   If I messed it up, who cares!  I mess up a lot. I do things wrong.  I have an attention deficit problem, so what!  I have learned that over the years I have used that to my advantage.  It's okay to walk away and come back to a project.  It is okay if I can only concentrate on one small project at a time.  It is also okay to have a dozen hobbies.  As long as you enjoy them and DO them.

So, in 2018, I realized that all I want to DO is get better.  The only way to get there is thru practice and accountability.  The accountability for me comes in the form of classes and group projects.  So, I signed up for some online classes called  Lets Face It 2018 and Life Book 2018 along with many of my artsy friends on facebook.  I have found that being a part of a group of artists, who have similar interests, desires and struggles is the best thing for me. 

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