Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Art Therapy For The Outsider.

One of the first projects we are tackling in Life Journal 2018 is a mixed media Willowing style garden fairy.  For my first attempt and using materials I had never worked with before I decided to just use a small 6x8 piece of watercolor paper.  Watercolor paper I had thought I started painting on the wrong side that is.  Not sure what happened but the minute I tried to blend her face, my paper started to deteriorate.  Um yeah, that's not good.   So, in order to save her, I changed to water color marker.  HAHA Well, if you don't want that to run, you might not want to use water!!! LOL

The follies that were happening today were testing my patience, but I broke thru it. I pulled out the acrylic paint to finish the background and used colored pencil over the water color to make it more vibrant and less grainy from the paper fiasco.  I stepped away from doing too much detail as I was pretty much "over it" a few times.  But I am glad I pushed thru and finished her.  She became very satisfying once I got over all my mistakes and accepted her.  

There turns out to be a lot of meaning in this practice of acceptance for me and I look forward to getting better as the year goes by.

Prints, cards and Iphone case available on Society6.  Limited edition signed prints are available on Etsy soon.

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