Thursday, January 11, 2018

Art Supplies & Intimidation

One of my many nooks and crannies of my art studio. 

The first set of my huge Amazon order arrived of new art supplies.  That handbook is going to come in handy!  I am very intimidated by oil paint.  I anticipate many destroyed brushed during the process.  Thankfully I do not purchase expensive brushes and I tend to leave them out and they end up drying out!  These are some of the challenges I have with ADD.  If I get interrupted....I can't guarantee I'll know where I put things.  I never really talked about having an attention problem until I started creating art.  I've always been in jobs where it didn't inhibit my performance as I work great under pressure.  Well, I don't certainly like the stress involved with pressure, but I was always okay about it.  Now that I have all the time in the world to paint or draw..I can tell how quickly my mind gets tired of something and I want to go off an do something else.  These are the challenges I am working on.  Just completing pieces I normally would have quit and accepting whatever it is I am making and pushing thru to a finish piece.  Whether good or bad.

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