Sunday, October 11, 2015

Weekend cleaning....not fun

My handmade pottery collection filled to the brim with all my illustration supplies.  I seriously have a lot of markers!!!  It has been a busy weekend of cleaning house and doing some fall projects on the yard.

I also received a new "old" vintage chair handed down from my sister in law.  I am inspired to refurbish it and make it whimsical for my huge studio.  Ivy here has already claimed it.  It's kind of funny when you purposefully have furniture just for your cats. :)

The weather was amazing this weekend as well.  I wish I could of went on a photoshoot.  I really have to force myself to make time outside of my 9-3 job.  Even though I have great hours, I still find it hard to get all that I want to do done!  That is probably why I have my camera ready to shoot at anytime!  Rusty gems await me.

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