Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Mini Mackery

I am spending some time in the studio today while the fireplace is being worked on.  I am brainstorming on ideas for a new art medium I want to play with - stamp making & water colors. 

I ordered all of my supplies and went through my marker stash to find out most of them are running out of in.  Ugg!  

I went on a Mini Mackery retreat last week featuring artist Geninne.  I fell in love with her style and her art immediately.  It turns out her birthday is one day before mine.  It is so easy for me to gravitate towards my fellow creative Virgo's out there.  

Here are some pictures from the retreat in Longmont.  It was fun seeing a bit more nature and getting out of the city.  It makes me feel like I work at my day job too much.  I really want to stay at home and create all day.....who doesn't?


I love this little handmade chicken coop! So darn cute.  I had my fantasy of owning a farm popping in my head all day out here.  Love it 

Everyone's art was so inspiring!

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