Monday, January 5, 2015

Happy Monday

It is a happy Monday - It is suppose to get up to 50 degrees.  It might melt some of this snow.  Though, that in and of itself can be a muddy mess.  But, i welcome it for a change as I am already sick of winter. The duck on a sheep is by artist Carry Jones Murtha of Snippet Girl.  I love her, the work she does for the kitties, her style and her art.  

Here is my little and oldest gal.  She was bottle fed and is a little bit of a snob. But, we love her.
It is Saturday, I have to decide what (out of all my projects) I will accomplish today. Do I sew, paint or do both.

What I should be doing is writing the next chapter of my children's book.  These two are my main characters.  Sam the protagonist and Winter's Queen my antagonist.  What a fun little story I am creating. 

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Samplings from Spring Creek said...

Your sheep is to cute--polar vortex on its way temps in single digits--thank goodness I have inside projects to keep me warm and my hands busy