Tuesday, December 30, 2014

2014 is almost over!

Today I am tackling a to do list that is pretty big.  
Finishing many projects that I started a week ago.  The design phase is almost over.  I was thrilled to find a little daisy trim in another doll stash in storage.  It is 5 inches short, so I will have to hand stitch each flower on very reminiscent of doll making, which is probably why upholstery is easy for me.

I also am wrapping up the 2014 with a look back at some vacation time I spent with my niece.  We traveled to Vail, The Rocky Mountain National Forest, 6 Flags, The Garden of the Gods and not to mention the mall and a water park. All fun times for a teenager.  They grow up so fast.

Then there is my precious little girl, Ivy Bee.  What a joy (and a pain) to have her as my youngest baby.  She is technically a twenty something young lady in human years, but she still picks on her older siblings.  Little Diva

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