Wednesday, February 2, 2011

~Chunky Valentine~

I finished a chunky Valentine painting this morning. She is listed on Ebay with a bunch of other Valentine Folk Art Items. Are you tired of winter? I am! Rain, Ice, Snow....I am sick of it all. Today, the cable was it was pretty boring around here. My sister, who lives only a couple minutes from me has no power (and suspected till Sunday) That is a long time. So, today I got a little prepared myself. I have no place to go, so I'd be hunkering down at home. Filled 2 five gallon buckets of flush the toilet if need be. Those simple things we tend to forget about. I prepared some food that I could eat cold if I had to as well. I am praying it won't happen, but at least I will be somewhat prepared!

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~Tonya said...

I ADORE this painting, Jenny. So very pretty. Is that fabric on her dress or did you paint that. What ever the case, it goes perfectly with this angel.

The weather here has been awful too. Lots of snow and blowing, but not as bad as the people in Illinois. I hope you don't lose power and I hope your sister's electric is back before then. That is terrible.

Yes, we do tend to take water to flush the toilet for granted. Stay warm.

BTW, I am so tired of WINTER! If I never seen another winter, it wouldn't hurt my feelings. We have paid out so much for snow removal, it is PATHETIC.

Hugs to you.