Thursday, January 6, 2011

~Dreaming of Spring~

This is my first painting of 2011. I will be placing her on ETSY, this afternoon. I have not been very motivated to paint or create for quite some time. My mother received some painting supplies for Christmas, so I have invited her over to test her skills. LOL Though, she's never really painted before, she is naturally talented as a few is my uncle and my younger sister. It is kinda funny how artistry runs in the family, whether they actually do art or not. I was not raised around anything artistic. Quite the contrary, in fact. A pretty "red-necked"environment to say the least. But somehow I was coloring in the lines at 3 years old and people started telling me "you're gonna be an artist" since then. Maybe it's that...the confirmation from people from a young age. If that is true..well sometimes I would have rather say, "you're gonna be a brain surgeon." lol Are there any "starving brain surgeon's" out there? lol Oh well.

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