Tuesday, December 7, 2010

~Angel Stool~

This stool was really fun to paint. I actually did it over the summer, but I made some changes to her, today, which I think made her even lovelier than she was before. I have not listed this one because the colors are so pretty and it looks great in my bathroom. I know it is a weird place for a stool, but one thing these stools are good for are propping your feet up while your on the toilet. OMGosh, did I say that out loud? lol I really love snow. I mean, I am a ski fan, but it has not really stopped for days. lol I am not used to this. We'd get dumped on in Denver for a couple days, then it would stop...get sunny..then melt. This snow is slowly accumulating over time. Though, I am happy the roads have not been terribly bad. I am anticipating the days of getting snowed in.

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