Tuesday, December 7, 2010

~Angel Notebook~

This hand painted notebook is so awesome. I love how it turned out. The crackle and antique finish makes it look almost leather like. It's so pretty, I could not dare write in it! lol I am debating on whether to offer it for sale. I know, I do this a lot. I make things I would want to purchase myself, then end up wanting to keep it. LOL Oh well. Maybe that is my way of not feeling bad that I am a "starving artist." Some day's I think about why I even bother...but, that does not last long because I love pretty things and I love making pretty things. Regardless if anyone else cares or not.
Can you guess what I am using as my backdrop here? lmbo

1 comment:

~Tonya said...

BEAUTIFUL, Jenny. She has such a soft look to her and she looks as if she is lost in the moment.

I think this is one of my favorites. Honestly, I would keep it, if I were you.

Have a great week.