Saturday, November 20, 2010


Here is how I know I had ADD. lol I started working on this wooden storage box. I finished drawing one side and so what do I want to do? Paint it! lol I should be drawing all the side and pretty much the top before starting the paint process, but well I got bored with just the one and want to paint already!!! lol I know this project will take me days, so does it really matter if I both draw and paint each side separately? lol That is the beauty of it, I suppose. There are NO rules. Originally I bought this craft box to paint and sell. But, I could totally use it to store my yarn. (Keeping it away from the kitties) I will post my "as I go" pictures since I probably won't work on anything new till this is finished. At least that proves I have somewhat of a type A personality, that can help my ADD...that's actually finishing my projects. I could not imagine having more than my knitting and hook rugs that sit around waiting to be finished. Most everything else in my life "Get's Done". FFFEEEEWWWW.

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Sue said...

Jenny this is going to look fantastic! LOL, I know what you mean about wanting to paint when only 1/2 of the design has been sketched on. I would be exactly the same.

Keep us posted on this piece!