Sunday, November 14, 2010

~Things aren't always black & white~

I am sitting here debating on whether to paint today. I suppose it would be good to take the full day off of creating all together. I am just not sure I am capable. What else is there to do? Clean, watch TV? That sounds so dull. I'll probably puts around online and get inspired, I suppose. I painted this one because my sister said she liked the Raven Hair'd Box. So, I kept the color scheme similar. I kinda like the simplicity of this one. I also like that she can be hung immediately without a frame. I think it's neat that way. I'll be placing this on my sales blog tomorrow. But, today I get to put on the things that did not sell on Ebay. Most of which are going on my gift list to family. I suppose that having ten females on my list is a good thing, cuz everyone's getting something made!

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