Friday, November 26, 2010

~Round Angel Box~

I finished a box painting this morning, despite feeling a bit under the weather. I am hoping the headache does not come back, but I can still feel remnants of it, so I have to take it easy. I must be getting pretty good at paintings these lovelies, because this was pretty easy, despite my loopy condition. I kept her simple though, so that helped. Regardless of her simplicity, I think she is beautiful.


Khaled KEM said...

I agree. She is beautiful!

~Tonya said...

I hope you are feeling better, Jenny. I did something to my back and it is sooooo very painful! I was hoping to get some priming done in my hallway this weekend, but I can't. I can hardly move :(

Your box is beautiful. I too love how she turned out. Love that color as well.

I wish painting faces was easy for me. HA! I struggle with them.

Have a great day, Jenny.