Tuesday, November 9, 2010

~Brighten My Day~

Another one of my ultimate favorite paintings, so far. Just looking at this one brightens my day. This "fall forward" really is screwing me up. I normally would work till much later in the day, but seem to be calling it quits way before I would rather. Then I find myself itching to do something by the time 9pm rolls around. So, here I am posting yet another entry on one of my art blogs. My mind is reeling about all the things I want to work on tomorrow. Will it be like this all winter? Gosh, I hope not. My intention to make Thanksgiving dolls is ruined. No motivation and now Christmas dolls are the hot thing selling. Before I know it Christmas will be here. YIKES. At least the winter goes fast, right? I think I have a new addiction...painting. It is quite addictive for me at least. I choose small canvas's that generally take me about an hour. Once I am finished with one. I am ready to start another. Practice makes perfect is what I am telling myself. I feel blessed to have the time and resources to paint for fun. It won't always be this way, especially if I have to get a job, finish school or start a business, but right now it is playtime. Thank You Lord!

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