Saturday, November 20, 2010

~Angel Box Redo~

I did a quick little update on a box I painted back in May. WOW..Color really brought it to life. I like it SOOOO much better now. The sides have large crackle, which is not easy to see in the photo. Anyway, this is going to my younger sister for her birthday & Christmas. She's one of the unlucky ones to have them fall close together. Not that I don't give her plenty of She usually doesn't read my block, so this "should" be a surprise. She'll be getting all sorts of hand made's from me this year.

1 comment:

~Tonya said...

Lucky sister you have! I LOVE that box! You should bet a print of that one.

Funny how color and such changes things. She has a soul now or should I say a "window" to her soul.