Friday, July 16, 2010

~Laugh Out Loud~

This clown is so cute. I was very happy how he turned out. Anyway...Why is is when you wake up early you feel great and when you sleep in you feel like crap? I slept in today...and feel yucky. I am sweating while I enjoy my hot latte. Double yuck! My sister just called to ask if I could baby sit for 5 to 6 hours this afternoon...uhhhhh Oh well. They'll just have to deal with their aunt making more dolls. I have so much catching up to do from my week off that I am reeling over it. I have two more boxes and three stocking to finish today, so I better get to it then huh?


Sue said...

Jenny, you SHOULD be pleased with this little guy - love him! What a fabulous expression.

Have a great day and hope you can create while you babysit.


PS, I feel the same when I sleep in and/or have a nap during the day. Yucky.

PEA said...

Great Job Jenny! I really like this one!

Benedetta said...

Aww he is the most adorable thing ever!!! Love his orange hair.:)