Sunday, June 20, 2010

~Violet Dreams~

I like this painting. These were my favorite colors when I was in college. Funny how our favorites change throughout the years. This is a small 5x7 on wrapped canvas. I have not created much lately. The glories of home ownership have been keeping me busy. Broken washer and a damp basement. I had to pull everything out and unpack to check the damage. All my paper products and boxes were pretty much ruined. I moved all my decorations to the attic and stored them in plastic. Words of wisdom...don't store precious art or dolls in the basement! Now my basement is almost empty and I put two dehumidifiers down there. Amazing how that works...but why didn't anyone tell me that? I am from Denver..we don't have this problem! lol Oh well, live and learn. It is nice to have a nice open clean basement now.

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Tina said...

Oh dear, sorry to hear of your water mess. What a challenge. I like your painting very much.
Have a blessed week. T