Friday, May 21, 2010


~Click her image to view the auction~
One more dolly finished for the week. This is is so very sweet, hard to part with I think. I will be putting her on Ebay this weekend. It will be a busy one here. I get my riding lawn mower delivered. Oh my. At least my brother will be here to me how to use it! lol I know I will probably be nervous my first time, but he thinks after a while I'll be like Edward scissor hands and be mowing patterns in my grass. HAHA..funny. I doubt that! But, it makes me feel very independent. And I am more independent than I have been ever, right now. I will finally be going out to meet people (unfortunately at a bar) this weekend. I don't get to meet too many people making dolls all day! lol But, I would not trade this in for anything right now. It is so much fun to be creating again.


Denni said...

She is darling!! Your doing an awesome job girl on your own. Your my hero!! I think it would be so hard I couldn't imagine. I hope your weekend is good and that you meet a nice guy. I wish I knew one. They are hard to find it seems.

Shay said...

She is adorable Jen!! Okay I could NOT get my comment to post to you on FB nor send you a message, it just kept throwing error messages at me! Weird!! I finally got your post and was BEYOND excited to say the least!! WOW!!! Seriously, I cannot believe I WON your FB giveaway?!?! I LOVE your stuff!! Thank you SOOO much!! And oooh I am easy! I love everything you make, but I think an ipod purse would be awesome! I took a peek at those and they are super cute! THANK YOU SOOO MUCH (again) lol!! TOO excited! YAY!!!

Shay said...

By the by, your house is adorable! I love it!! And all the bright colors, just so adorable!! :)