Monday, May 10, 2010

Family Fun

I hope everyone had a great mother's day. I spent mine at my sisters. My mom came with my brother and his kids. They played outside, so I thought I would get some pictures. It was so nice getting together with family. These kids had not seen each other in a over a year, such a shame when they live but only 30 minutes away.

Things are changing with Jenny in town! I love it. Now if I can get Jimmy to mow my lawn for some baby sitting time I'd be happy. I have no mower and did you see my lawn? ha ha.


Cris said...

Wonderful photos! Life is too short not to spend time with family! I remember you saying that you had a red-haired niece! I bet they are all happy to have Aunt Jenny in town~

Jenny Carter said...

Yep...and she own a lot of your art. SMIRK!! She is sweet and just learned to knit. We have fun together and it is just the beginning. I am just glad I can live within 2 minutes of them. Not all, but it gives me an excuse to come over whenever I get lonely.

Red Lipstick said...

What a fun auntie you are! She is georgeous and it is wonderful that you can teach her your love of art!