Monday, February 1, 2010


Wow, just in time! The red witch is finished. We will be listing her on ebay this week, sometime. I have a lot to do and here is yet another thing to add to my list. I found I lost my HTML docs that I used for my Ebay backgrounds. That totally sucks. I had them saved on my old desktop that decided to die! I am not looking forward to dealing with that now either. Maybe I can get Joan to do it...hint hint! hahaha. We started a new doll today for St Patrick's Day. Joan is getting so good at sculpting these lovely ladies. I feel I cannot take too much credit because she has been a majority of the work. One day I may set her free to create on her or maybe not. We make a good team, I think.


Cris said...

The dolls are amazing! What an interesting witch! I like the white one too!

pinkglitterfae said...

What a wickedly cool doll! I wish I understood all that html stuff, my ebay listings are soooo boring, lol!


PEA said...

You make a great team Jenny. A very unique witch. Good job.
That sucks on the HTML stuff. I know that one all too well. I hope you find a replacement soon.