Thursday, January 28, 2010

Joan's White Witch

Seems like quite a while ago since I posted the doll Joan was working on. This is her second doll. It is a collaboration between the two of use, but Joan does all the work. Joan is a wonderfully talented painter....among other things. Currently she is working on a red witch with a snake. When she has that one finished (Hopefully before Valentines Day) I will list them on E-bay. I am introducing her to the cloth and clay world and she is having so much fun. It is kind neat to be someone's mentor. I know I have had many and I am quite grateful for them.


crow productions said...

Thank you, Jen! I'm getting busy on my Valentine doll. I think she will be close tomorrow.

Blasé said...

You are soooo talented!

Red Lipstick Style said...

this owl is really sweet. You dolls are beautiful, you are really creative!