Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Free time

I thought I had a lot of that today. NOPE Life happens. Spent an hour talking to tech support about my wireless modem. I was a bit frustrated the call center was in India. You know them. I could hardly make out her accent and she could barely understand me. I was practically yelling at her. I felt terrible about that..but, what? what? what? Uggg. Anyway, at least I got this accomplished. I still am not sure I am happy with it. I will wait till it dries and do some touch up I suppose and see what happens. I am in dire need of a new supply of paint. Much of my craft paint dried...I guess they don't have much of a shelf life and I used the rest. I may have to find other things to create for a while. Mieninger is a luxury I won't be enjoying for a little while at least.

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pinkglitterfae said...

lovely angel! I think she turned out nice, I like the bold black lines.
Gee, I thought only the Canadian internet providers had their support in India, but I guess it happens in the US too. Believe me, I've had to call there with problems, and was frustrated at the lack of communication. The internet providers don't care as long as they can make more profits.
At least you managed a lovely piece of art :-)