Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Primitive Folk Art Cat Make-Do

I was searching for an image on my computer and came upon this one. Here is Shadow posing for me on my set up. Shadow is a big reason I wanted to get into Animation. I cannot blog about what I mean here, someday you will know. Anyway, I have been a terrible blogger. I probably said that before. LOL I could blog about some of my classes, lol then you might feel connected. I have Art History next term. I am happy and excited. I did not pay attention when I was a teen and the Art Institute did not have book classes. PURE ART. Just how I liked it back then. I was a C student at best. Late bloomer I call it or just too much partying and not giving a crap. Now I am a 4.0 student. YEAH. I do not feel proud of myself, though. Because I did not try as hard as I should. I thank the lord for that, but know that if I did it all perfect I could have a 100% A+ I don't know if that even counts as anything higher than a 4.0, but I think I compete against myself sometimes. Is that weird?

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Pease Porridge said...

Shadow looks so cute here. Wow, 4.0. It sounds like you are naturally good at what you are doing.