Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Happy birthday to me!

I know how you all love to see pictures of my office, so here is a new one. Joan gave me 3 kitten paintings, from the last litter I rescued, for my birthday. You can see them on the bottom shelf. I also blogged about them on alley cat rescue. She also took me out for breakfast. That was cool! Thanks Joan.

So, anyway.....I am turning 40 years old today. Yep, you read that right. I don't look a day over 29, either, right? Actually if you go by facebook, I am 18 and 21. lol That would be about right because I am a freshman in college. Yet, I have the mentality of a 40 year old. They call that wisdom and I thank the lord for it.

I am sorry about being a lousy blogger lately. I have been helping Joan with her first witch doll. Plus, I only have 2.5 weeks of school left this term and it goes by so fast. I still cannot believe I will be a sophomore by Christmas. Time flies when your past middle age.


Pease Porridge said...

Happy Birthday Jenny!!

I knew yours was coming up because I'm right behind ya. I figured out we are 3 years and 3 days apart.

I love your kitty paintings and I ALWAYS love your room.

I am sure you and your husband have something special planned. Enjoy your day!


Denni said...

Happy birthday!!! I have decided that you should just come and decorate my home!!! I want your office. I think I could sit in there all day ;) I hope your day is good. Eat some cake and ice cream for me!!~oh, 29 is an awesome age ;)

Boltz Raggedies said...

Happy Birthday!!

Benedetta said...

OMG Happy birthday!!! I'll have to make sure to send a lil' birthday gift for you :-)
Hope you are having a great one!
Hugs & love,

~Tonya said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Jenny!! So very sweet of Joan to take you out for breakfast and for those adorable paintings.

You are not a lousy blogger, just busy with life and going to school. There is nothing wrong with that...

Wow, time sure does fly. I hope you have a great day. May all of your BIRTHDAY WISHES come TRUE.


Meadowbrook Cabin Primitives said...

Hi Jenny,

Happy Birthday to you ! Happy Birthday to you !
Love your inspiring office / work space and all your dollies you have collected !

pinkglitterfae said...

Have a wonderful Birthday!
I love your office, what a cool place to work!

Stacey said...

Happy belated birthday Jenny! And what's the "past middle age" comment? Your just entering middle age as far as I know . . no where close to past it! Good luck with your classes. Have a wonderful weekend. ~Stacey

Jenny Carter said...

Thanks everyone for your well wishes and lovely comments. The past middle age is because I cannot expect to live as old as 80.. Not with all my body has been through. LOL