Sunday, August 23, 2009

Designing a kitty bed

I am using a couple of fabrics I received for my birthday from pea of Whimsical Endeavors to make a kitty bed. I have to make to trip to JoAnns for the cushion this week to work on this. I already washed the fabric, so that it will be washable. The kitty material will be the top/or bottom, the polka dotts are the sides. Black & white polka dot welt cording and some white beaded material on one side and lace on the other. What kind of lace is that, anyone know? Gingum came to mind, but I do not know what gingum is. lol Pop quiz, what other than art college do I have 2 years education? No it is not real estate either.

I have been knitting here and there. Some during camping and here and there. But, I have about 6 to 8 new ipod purses that just need their felted ball and strap attached. One of these days I will finish them all and get them out there. It is hard to get motivated to do something that does not bring money. Not now anyway. When I actually sell my patterns in a book, maybe that will bring money. *smirk* A boutique in Aspen looks pretty good to me. The rich can appreciate fine quality one of a kinds. :)

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