Friday, July 17, 2009


Ahhhh, finally. Now that Margariet is finished, I can get them listed on Ebay then work on my schoolwork. I kind of did it backwards today. Creations first, then schoolwork. heehee. Sometimes, ya just have to do what makes you happy, right? Anyway, CC's tests came back negative..ffffeeewwww. Now he is on antibiotics and hopefully that will help him. Otherwise they will have to x-ray his chest. But, I feel confident that he just has an infection. Now, I have to clean up my pit of an office. Gosh, making dolls is fun but mmmeeessssyyy! I can never creat anything without making a mess.


Phillane E'lee said...

she is lovely. Please go peek at my blog. I was chatting about you!

Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

nice to see you creating again..:)

Raggedykinfolk said...

Hi Jenny,
Margariet is bootiful! I just love all your creations. I hope the kitties are all doing well. I'm trying to catch up in blog land tonite.

~Tonya said...

I am so glad that you got to create for a bit again. I bet you missed it. Your nodders turned out so very neat. Love them both.

I also love your new background with your banner....all set for halloween! Ya know it is right around 100 days until Halloween...that is it. It is amazing how time flies.

I am sure you are doing well in school. Good for you. I have thought about going back, but really don't know what I want to go for. Isn't that a shame. I have lots of book smarts too.

Have a great weekend Jenny.


Look in the Nook said...

Jenny.... It is been awhile since I have chatted with you. I love Margariet & The Skelly Nodder. just started creating again. It has been hard for me to get in my basement and create, when the weather is nice my garden needs my attention. I have been working on a Annie doll wearing a witches costume. She should be done this week. Love your new look on your blog!

Marika på Odlingspyssel said...

Oh she´s adorable, I just love her :)

crow productions said...

Sometimes you just have to do what comes naturally and force yourself to do the rest.