Thursday, July 23, 2009

Getting in the mood

To create Halloween items. Yippee. I have finals this week, so I will probably start creating as soon as I get all my test, essays and projects completed. I just love all the goodies I got today. I am real anxious to start. It never fails. I felt busy with just schoolwork, now I got three little kitties that take up a couple hours a day. Oh, I am not complaining. I'd give anything to rescue these poopers, really.

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Fantastic Figments said...

YIPPPY Halloweennnnyyy!
Ironically it has felt like Fall all summer long in NY. I said if it was always like this I would never leave! Alas, just a fluke. Congrats on almost being done with school! That semester flew. Love the knew blog wallpaper. I have been getting in the mood for Halloween too. I just did a graveyard photoshoot and a Twilight inspired photoshoot.

Unfortunately we have run out of room in our apartment and I don't have much room to do art. I hope in the next few months we will know if we are staying or going that way I can do some painting!