Monday, June 1, 2009

Noblesse Oblige Award

My dear friend Pea, of Whimsical Endeavors has bestowed to me a wonderful award. Pea is the most wonderful lady, I have had the pleasure to get to know. I have not had as much time to communicate with her lately, but I hope she knows I do love her and I visit as often as I can.

The blog award is for being refreshing and creative, promotes friendship and positive thinking. Do I promote positive thinking? LOL Anyway, the lucky person who receives this award will need to perform the following:

- Create a post with a mention and link to the person who presented the Noblesse Oblige Award
- The Award Conditions must be displayed at the post.
- Write a short article about what the Blog has thus far achieved, preferably citing one or more older posts as support
- You must present the Noblesse Oblige Award in concurrence with the Award conditions
- You must display the Award at any location at your blog

I have so many friends here in blog land. Many of which don't accept awards anymore. :( But, I have picked the following very talented and inspiring ladies to pass this on to.

Carrie Murtha of Snippet Girl
. Carrie is another kitty rescuer. A true inspiration for me, let alone her wonderful creations with paper clay. Carrie is such a sweet and caring person. I love how she always blogs about her rescues. Loads of kittens and art. My favorite.

Maria of the Star Rug Company. Maria is one new blog I frequent to get inspiration for one of my new hobbies. I love her creations.

Jany of Look in the Nook
- Jany, she is a fellow Coloradoan. I really adore her blog. She always fills it with loads of pictures full of pretty feminine things she makes. If you like pretty things hers is the place.

Stephanie of Fantastic Figments - Stephanie is someone who makes a wonderful friend. She blogs a lot about her life and also created "The Muse Behind The Mask"- The Muse Behind The Mask is a blog publication that offers a creative look into the lives of the people who create the art we love to lust over. Through interviews and inspiring topics the Muse Behind The Mask will awaken the muse within you.


Mind Movies said...

This is a fine blog. All candidates seem fitting to me.

Thanks for sharing :)

Fantastic Figments said...

Hey lady thanks sooooo much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is a great award with wonderful meaning. I can't wait to post it!


Hope all is going well and all the books are in!

Phillane E'lee said...

Thank you Jenny for the kind and thoughtful words. Hey we all get busy and girl you have been on a roll lately.

snippetgirl said...

OH, Jenny, thank you sooooo much!!! You really know how to brighten a girl's day :). I am honored and touched at your words.
Purrs, Carrie