Saturday, May 30, 2009

Three Star Rug

This will be the last punch rug, for a while. I have some tiny needle punch kits (the kind you can put in a frame) that I want to make. I have not really figured out how it is done, yet. Maybe I can find something on youtube that will help.

It is supposed to be in the 80's, today. I have some more reading to do for my classes, so I may hang out on the cabana with the kitties. They love it when I go outside with them. If I can get all my homework completed and have a free day tomorrow or monday, I may surprise you all with something I have not made in a while. I hope so.


~Tonya said...

Love the needle punch. What did you punch that with...what type of yarn/wool?? Did you use a normal needle punch tool and just used the different settings?

I so want to get busy with mine. I have a couple of kits too. I just have not made them yet.

Have a good one Jenny. Oh and I wonder, are ya gonna make a doll?


Terri said...

Cute rug - you really are multi-talented, aren't you?