Sunday, May 24, 2009

A quiet sunday afternoon

I spent a little time on a punch rug, this afternoon. I am halfway done. It has been a while since I made anything. School starts on Wednesday, so maybe I will get this completed by then. I will be dedicating at least 20 hours of time a week to classwork. Probably more, though, since I know I will have issues with Algebra. I hate math, so I will be working really hard to make sure I can grasp it. Ugghh, I am not looking forward to that! At least the degree I am getting, I get to start classes in the field right away. It will be fun working with the fancy graphic art software we are required to use.

We have had random thunder storms most of the afternoon. One tornado warning. I like thunder storms. Well, I just thought I would say a quick Hi, since I have been a lousy blogger, lately. I promise I will try to create something crafty each week to share. I do not want school to take up all my free time. I am itchy to make dolls again. If I can make them without making a mess of my office, then I will try.

Happy Memorial Weekend!


~ OTBP said...

that's gorgeous!!

Cris said...

You are going to have so much fun going back to school. I think it is so exciting! I would love to be doing that (except for the math part), but I am too busy earning money to send my 3 children. I get envious of them sometimes, especially Laura who is an art major. She is probably going to go into graphic design...sounds fun. Animation would be so cool! Good luck to you!

Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

Jenny are you a giddy school girl now? have fun at school and don't be a drop out..I hope to see more of your dolls and blogging...don't be all work and no play..have a great rest of the weekend..:)

Phillane E'lee said...

It is beautiful Jenny,
Oh congrats on the school part. Sorry I haven't been able to make a comment for a few days. The blog kept shutting me out. I went to firefox and no problems now. How exciting for you. what made you choose this. a dream from long ago, new one?
Math- boo hiss I hate the stuff. I hope to go back to school some day but right now it wouldn't be possible.
Have a relaxing weekend. As far as school goes- Gooooooooooo Jenny Goooooooooooo! LoL