Sunday, May 31, 2009

~Miss Glory~

I finished my dolly. She will be for sale on June 6th on my WSOAPP sales blog for $69, plus $12 shipping. You may purchase her here now, if you cannot wait! I hope all of you waiting for another one of my dolls are not disappointed. I hope I can try to make at least one doll a week, while taking my classes. It may not always work out that way, but I am excited about Halloween. They are always the most fun to make, I think we can all agree. For those of you who say you'd like to own one of my dollies. I do accept ideas or if you want one I have made in the past, I may be able to manage that if I have the materials. Thanks everyone for being patient with me. Enjoy Miss Glory!


Prim's by Kim said...

She turned out awesome Jenny! If I only had the room, she would be mine!! Hugs

Phillane E'lee said...

she is very sweet! Please go to my blog and see what is waiting there for you!

Deirdra Doan said...

HI Jenny,
Your Doll is wonderful! So fun in her Red, White and Blue.

Your rug work is amazing too. How interesting to be going to school in animation. I am illustrating a children's book that I wrote and animation really really helps in that field...I don't have the skills but am doing it anyway..illustration with the help of God...I post in Feb of 2008 or so about my illustrations.

Come see my blog I made a little video of my doll dancing!

It is great to meet you have to read more of our blog later.