Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Yummy art yarns

I got some cool hand spun art yarn from ESTY, this week. I just thought I'd share. It is busy in my home, as you know, with all the kitties. It will be nice to just sit and knit while I have a little poopers in my lap.

Between the kitties and the housework, there is not much time to do anything else. They are so darling, though. It is totally worth it. They will be gone so fast.

Funny thing is, I bet I would keep them all if I were alone. Gosh I would be a cat lady, for sure. LOL I went out to dinner last night, then to a desert place...lets just say, I felt like a new parent. I was terribly impatient and could only think of coming home to the babies...lmoa. At least I can say I know how you's out there!!!


Cris said...

That new yarn is gorgeous! That is too cute how you were anxious to get home to your babies! Dave must be very patient and love you ever so much! I would probably be a crazy cat lady if I were alone too! Those Siamese kittens are so cute~If I lived near you I would be very tempted indeed!

Naija said...

i would like to do the same thing as you..i knew a catlady as you she built a cathouse and a "fencebox"so the cat lived outside their house hubby and i has been thinking of rescue dogs but im not ready for it yet

Heidi said...

I just read your last two posts and all I can say is "adorable". You for fretting and the kittens because they are purrfect. Looking forward to seeing what you make from those beautiful yarns.