Friday, April 10, 2009

WIP and more Crazy Cat

Man, I have been a hookin' like crazy yesterday and today. I cannot believe how much easier this burlap is. My hookin' is still not the best, but "you gotta begin somewhere."

No word on a home for this little one, yet.

I think he is getting used to it here. He is roaming and crying a little less and slept all night (of course waking up at 5:30...uggh)

I have learned something from him and Buddy. I used to not want a male cat. I do not know why. I always thought the females were better. NOT! Male cats rock! They are so mellow and they can play with and around each other without any hissing. My three females are bitchy to each other. Hmmm, sounds familiar.


Pease Porridge said...

Wow! Your rug is looking great! I still can't get over how cute that little man is.


pinkglitterfae said...

Oreo is a cutie, looks so comfortable there :-)

I am not familiar with hooking, is this like rug hooking? I was into this in high school, many years ago....Did you draw out the pattern on the burlap or does it come that way? Enquiring minds want to know :-D

Jenny said...

It is rug hooking. LOL Not latch hook, like my mom did in the seventies, though.

I bought the kit. It came with a pattern on burlap and all the cut wool.

When I am finished with all these patterns I am gonna try to make one myself. I think you transfer the pattern to the burlap, versus using a marker..because if it gets wet the maker may bleed thru.

~Tonya said...

Oh, how sweet is Oreo! And that rug is looking awesome! I like the name sweet.

And yes, male cats do ROCK and they are normally very sweet and adapt very easily. I have never had a female cat, until now with the little calico.

Her name is Baby Boo and yes, we still have her. She is quite picky, very set in her ways and very untrusting. I have heard others say that female cats are all so very picky!

I myself can also say the same for children. My son is very mellow, vs. my girls, they are such drama queens and so many things are such a BIG DEAL to them. HA!

Have a good evening and a Blessed Easter.


Lisa Lectura Creations said...

Hi Jenny! What a great rug design! You look like a pro to me! Oreo is adorable.

Thanks for coming to visit sweetie! I'll make sure to post when I receive my goodie! Happy Easter!

Lisa :)

Phillane E'lee said...

Oreo is adorable and I love the name. My g.f. had a cool cat named oreo and he was a real lover. I was alway a boy cat kinda girl and since I have been married only have females. we have two. One is sweet when she wants and the other is so much like a male but a girl. You can do anything to this cat and she don't care. I agree with Tonya. Kids are the same. LOL
Have a wonderful Easter

Jenny said...

That is funny about the kids. If you had two boys you may change your mind. My nephews are 3 years apart and they fought and wrestled and got into so much trouble. One boy would be so much easier.

Baby Boo, how cute. I am sure over time she will get better. I have learned that everyone who wants to be on the girl kitties side, must give her treats or food. Dave never feeds our cats and well complains they like me

Jenny said...

Thanks Lisa~