Thursday, April 9, 2009

The Stand Off

Here is Buddy up to no good, again! I was pretty surprised he could get up on this 8 foot fence. I just hope he does not teach my other kitties to do so. I do not mind him roaming around everywhere, since I found him outside...but that is a big no no for Shadow and Dana!!!

Anyway, I wanted to get them in the same frame, but had to go run and get the camera. They had already chased each other half way down the yard by the time I got back. I never have my camera around when I need it. If only they would invent a camera I can wear as a necklace or something. That takes great pictures that is!

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island sunshyne said...

Aloha, new visitor, here! :) I followed you over from Shelley's journal.

I *love* these photos! The classic!

I haven't read through all of your blog yet, but just wanted to say hello and let you know that I am reading. I like what you wrote in your profile...that you love God, your husband and kitties....we have so much in common already! :)