Saturday, April 11, 2009

More of the same...

You cannot tell me my blogs have been exciting, But I did accomplished quite a bit on my rug, today. Been sitting in front of the televisions watching a Nora Roberts marathon. I am not a big novel reader. I always thought her stuff was romance, not murder mystery. Honestly, if I were to read I would probably opt for the romance novel. I do like the Jane Austin's novels.

Anyway, I have not done much else but work on this rug. Shadow is a big fan of it already. My house feels like a zoo at times, now. I have 5 cats in my house, right now! You should see when I get the laser light out. Every body wants to play, so I have to share the light with each and try to avoid certain ones getting to close to others...It is pretty funny. I think it is getting them used to each other. Well, most of them anyway. Shadow can still be a brat at times, but she was a spoiled kitty! Last night I caught Dana cleaning Buddy (they both sleep at our feet) Buddy was so patient. I think he still was wandering if she was gonna bite him, like she did his tail last time. Too cute

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Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

your kitty is way to cute..glad to see they are co-habitating...we have 4 cats and a dog in the house..and we love it...:) love my babys with me at all times...Have a wonderful Easter..I am watching the nora roberts marathon..and some of them are just so cheesy..but I am watching them all....:)