Monday, April 27, 2009

Kitty Hook Rug

If you guessed that was what I was making, good for you! I bought this pattern on ETSY, but it did not come with the wool, so I am using that wool I bought from Pea @ Whimsical Endeavors. Honestly, I may not have enough black. Actually, I am pretty darn sure, I am not going to have enough. I am gonna have to figure something out. I do not own a wool cutter and I don't think I want to attempt cutting it with a scissors...If I can even find the same style wool, that is. LOL
I am not gonna stress it, too much. It is what it is, right? I think it is gonna look really cute, though.

Time is ticking and I have not made anything for my WSOAPP shop. I know, I need to create a doll, but I am just not motivated, yet. I have not sold anything for three months. So, I supposed that is why I am procrastinating. Plus, I really enjoy having my office clean! lol

Can you believe it snowed here? After days of over 70. It will have melted by tomorrow, I am sure.


Naija said...

i have aperfect idea
do more black below on the cat-the neck...add one colour around the cat..cut the piece out after the cat shape..then it will be a small catbag or catpillow :)

Jenny said...

I found some 8 cut black wool on ebay. Plus, I may hook the word LOVE into his body or something, to make up for some room.

Your idea was interesting Naija, but the background is gonna be really cool with pretty blue's, so I would love to be able to use it.

Diane Duda said...

Things are slow. Hopefully sales will pick up soon.
My husband went to the Art Institute too. I think he graduated in 84?, maybe 85?.

Love this kitty (and the other one :) ). Looks like fun.

Nicola said...

How about if the cat has a white bib? It's going to be a stunning rug. Are you going to sell it or keep it.
It would look great on the wall!
Nicola x

sa said...