Thursday, April 9, 2009

Hooked on Rugs

This is a new hook rug kit I purchased from Hooked on Rugs. Above is a picture of what it should look like finished. I decided to try burlap this time and it seems a lot easier to work with. Since these are just decorative (not being used as real rugs) I figured it would be fine.

Well, I am trying to work on this. I keep getting distracted by a kitty climbing on my lap. This little black and white kitty is way too needy for my liking. He is either crying or rubbing all over me. I was very frustrated with it all, this morning. I will be happy when he finds a home and Dana and Shadow start relaxing again. Shadow had to claim on it as soon as I put it down. Who knew kitties liked burlap so much?!


Naija said...

the cats really like you I notice..I like that rug..

Benedetta said...

These kitties are SO adorable!
I love this rug, can't wait to see it finished :-)

Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

Oh Jen, who could ever not like being loved that much!! apparently this littl guy wasn't getting that kind of love and senses you are the one to give it to him...what a sweet and loveable kitty he is..would take him in a heartbeat if we lived both your cat photos...give em a sqeeze from me!!

Cris said...

OH how cute! Kitties seem to sense when you are trying to get something done! Every time my daughter is trying to do her homework, Snickers is all over her papers and rubbing around her laptop, lol! I hooked a couple of rugs with burlap in my youth, it probably is easier to work with, but I had trouble with being allergic to it, the fibers tend to fly around. Same with jute rope that I used to macrame with in the 70's. I had to give up on it. Have a great day!

~Tonya said...

Love the rug and how sweet are those kitties.

Cats love burlap! I think it is is the smell, probably reminds them of something outdoors?

Any who, I LOVE loveable cats. Wish mine were loveable all the time.


Pease Porridge said...

Oh, how sweet. Isn't that just the way kitties are. I know that is why I canceled the Newspaper. Tamale would never let me read.