Thursday, April 23, 2009

Dolls Dolls and More Dolls

Tonya, of Back Porch Pickins was kind enough to make me this Americana Annie. Isn't she so cute? Unfortunately, there is no more room at this doll museum. I may have to open up a ticket booth for admittance. lol

Tonya also has been dabling in paper art. She is really good at it, too. I am not surprised!

I have been busy cleaning after the kitties this morning, plus other housework. I think I am allergic to dander, now. Or we just have so much of it will all the animals. It is so dry here and the dust is crazy. I can sweep everyday! I feel like a have a slight headache always. I wish they would invent something that would take all the dust out. I have a filter, but when I see the sun shining in the window downstairs, I can see all the crap flying.


Denni said...

She is sure pretty. I'll buy a ticket :)

Prim's by Kim said...

It appears that your walls are bulging also LOL Love them all =)

Nicola said...

OMG she's really cute but the Kitty in the pointy hat should come and live with me.
It would be for your own good and would help with your allergies
(*crosses fingers behind back*) honest!
Fabulous paper work too!
Nic xx

Jenny said...

LOl, that little guy, Nicola? That was the one that started it collecting that is. I saw him at the PFATT FEST in my home town. Sam I Am creations made him and I feel lucky because she has not made anything similar since!! Heehee. Maybe someday he can come live with you :)

Benedetta said...

You have the most amazing folk art collection! Definately worth the ticket :-)


Meadowbrook Cabin Primitives said...

Hi Jenny

Oh, I love Tonya's doll that she made for you !.. What a nice collection you have... You probably could sell tickets ! :o)

I have a new blog started.. it's

I will be discontinuing my old one in the near future.

Nicola said...

OK I've made a little spot next to my prim crow for when the kitty comes to live with me, LOL - as if! I'd never give him up either ;)
Nic xxxx

pinkglitterfae said...

you have the room of my dreams! I love all your stuff and could spend hours looking at it more closely. Love the new addition!

Phillane E'lee said...

she has the most soulful face. Tonya does such sweet work. I have two of her pieces now and there is a list I would love to collect but need to sell dollies to buy. LOL I will add more sometime in the future. Do you have security at your home? Just want to know before I break in... LOL Doll theft, can't go to jail for that can I ? LOL

Now go buy some baby wipes. I have kitties and their dander gives me the same headache. One kitty will take a bath and the other uses us as the launching pad when we try. So we wipe her down with baby wipes. brush and do it again. It really does help and makes them smell good.

~Tonya said...

Awww so glad that she arrived safely. You must fix her hat. It is curved over a bit and her stars are drooping. LOL

So glad that you liked the cards. I have fun making them.

Thank you again Jenny. I too love your doll collection and I for one would love to have about a handful of the ones that you have. :)

Have a great weekend.