Friday, March 13, 2009

Welcome Cat Friends

This painting is by Benedetta. It is on a block of wood. It is so darling. The colors are wonderful and it is such a fun whimsical piece. I have placed it right by my front door. "Cat Friends Welcome"

If you are not a cat lover, I just do not know what to say to you! If you dislike cats, you can just leave. That is my motto! lmao.

I got mad at my mom, once. She told me "A stray was coming by and I started feeding it but stopped because I did not want it to keep coming around." Like it was some beggar. I was outraged! MOM! AHHH. Your horrible! I think maybe I am still mad at her for that and hope the little kitty found some other home to get food. As you can see my parents never bestowed upon me a love of animals. It was a gift from God. Thank you, Lord!

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