Tuesday, March 17, 2009

St Patrick's Day - Just a thought

Let's not forget what St Patrick's day is really about. Bringing Christianity to the world! To Ireland, anyway! :)

Now, I have celebrated more than my fair share of drunkenness and revelry. Now as a christian, I look back and think..."what was I thinking?" Do we even teach our kids more than luck'o'the Irish?

Luck really has nothing to do with it because by grace we are saved through faith~

Picture provided by eircom.net (click on image to read the history of St Patrick's Day)


Terri said...

Interesting point - although we celebrated here by building raised beds and planting some green! :) Now if somebody up there would moderate the weather a bit, I surely would be grateful!

Marie Antionette said...

You are so right Jenny.I did alot of stupid things on St Patricks Day.But the things you do are what makes you grow and learn.XXOO Marie Antionette

grittyartsstudio said...

Hi Jenny! Love this post. Luck really doesn't have anything to do with anything...Your blog is so pretty. Hope you are well.

CraBBy GaBBy said...

Put Perfect :)

Jenny said...

Thanks ladies :) Thanks for walking with me.

Outside the Box Primitives~Robin Armstrong Seeber said...

amen, and amen again.. GOD BLESS THE CELTS!!