Thursday, March 5, 2009

Sniffly Sneezy Sunny Thursday

It is very pretty out, again. It is suppose to snow on Saturday, so I sat outside for a little bit. Here's one of my babies hanging outside. This picture of Dana is so pretty. It is hard to get her to look at the camera.

My cold has progressed to both sides of my nose. At least the pressure has somewhat gone from the right side of my head, but it is replaced by a sniffly-sneezy-runny-blow-my-nose-every-10-minutes-cold! We were planning on Skiing tomorrow. Doubt that I will be able to, with this cold. That really sucks!


Naija said...

your cat remind me off pussie I had when i was yonger..ppssst if i was you i ad stayed in a warm cosy bed with some hot drink and a really good magazine to read :)

Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

so you are the one that gave me this the same boat with ya sister..have felt like crap since tuesday night...who knew you could produce so much snot and not feel any clearer...hope you get to feeling better..your dana kitty has such beautiful markings and is a gorgeous little are they getting along? any better? take care."_)

Jenny said...


I would stay in bed today, but I did that yesterday. So, I am feeling like I need to do something.


Jenny said...

Hi Gina~

So you got yours the same time. I know what you mean sister...snot snot and more snot...iiiih!

At least I am not aching, like yesterday. We will probably be producing a couch, tomorrow!

I hope you feel better to!

~Tonya said...

Awww Jenny, I hope you feel better. I am still (after about 4 weeks) fighting my junk.

Dana is so very pretty. That is a sweet picture of her.

Take Care and you should not go skiing. Stay home and take care of yourself.