Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Rumor has it....

It's suppose to snow over night....8 to 16 inches. I would say that is a blizzard. All the flowers and crab apple trees are gonna get shocked! I am not happy about that, but we do need the moisture here. I am not holding my breath, though, the weather men/woman here are rarely right on their predictions.

I doubt I will be taking the drive to Karen's house to work on finishing this hook rug. I hate driving in snow! The picture above is an adorable piece of art I purchased on EBay quite a while back. I love it and got it for a steal!

Here is a picture I took this afternoon. This is Buddy and Shadow sharing mama's bed. They may not be cuddling together, but acting aloof is better than nothing! :) It is a good thing I did not make it. My fancy silk quilted top is totally not kitty friendly. Not that a white comforter is the best for two black cats, either. lol

Well, I will see you tomorrow with some pictures of some fluffy white stuff...maybe!


Pease Porridge said...

Looks so luxurious. Two black kitties on a big creamy comforter. How pretty. How can you keep from snuggling in?

Your hook rug really looks nice. I love the colors.


Cris said...

What a cozy sight! My Snickers never sleeps on my bed, just on one of my daughter's beds. I wish he would, but he is probably afraid of my husband's snoring!

Knitting Mania said...

Wow...first time visit, found your blog through a blog then another blog, and again another blog...ins't that how it works in blogdom?

Love all your knits, I too am a knitter, lots of purses and fingerless gloves these days. Stop by and visit, even though I haven't done a knitting post in awhile, but my sidebar shows some of my work!

Love your most colorful creative blog...

Phillane E'lee said...

Oh look the rug is done. WOW Jenny great job.. So you have to finish the back? I do hope you don't get snow and yes Mother Nature is off her rocker. I am hoping it warms a bit here soon.
Have a wonderful week. Sweet kitties. makes ya wanna go back to bed. LOL

Tina said...

Oh, how fun to have found you this morning. Love finding new creative souls.
Now, I'm on to check out your ETSY site.

Doreen said...

Oh my goodness...did you end up getting your snow storm??? That's a lot of snow for this time of year!


Cotton Pickin' Ranch said...

Hey's snowing here! Jeff (hubby) said they're calling for 2 feet in the mountains....yuck!
Hugs, stay warm, Karen

Karen R said...

Jenny -- so glad you stayed in and didn't try to drive up here -- we have over a foot of snow on the deck! And John's headed home -- took him 35 minutes to go 14 blocks--guess I'll see him in a couple of hours! Break out that crockpot again and start some chili!! Thanks for the blog references -- have enjoyed browsing...course I could (should?)be doing laundry, thinking about dinner.... Take care, see you next week, Karen