Thursday, March 12, 2009

Old Red Barns

Are one of my favorite things. I love the old farms back east. For some reason I can still see the beauty of a dreary day on a farm. Call me crazy.

Besides, hanging out waiting to pick up the kitty that I captured, this morning. I am just finishing up my hook rug. It has been a little chillier here I made grilled cheese and tomatoe soup, last night. If you have a panini machine or one of those Foreman grill type thing-a-majiggers, you gotta make grilled cheese with Muenster! (I am sure you can do it the old fashion way, but this is the best. ) No turning and it cooks in like 4-5 minutes!! Yummy! Progresso makes a great tomatoe soup without MSG, to!

Okay, that was exciting banter...NOT. LOL, Once I get my hook rug complete, I am difinately motivated to start mking dolls again. It would be nice to make some money versus spending money, right about now!


Denni said...

I love it!!!! Barns are great. I hope your husband gets to feeling better. All 3 of my kids are sick Gage having a bad ear infection. I'm ready for the warm sun instead of the cold.

Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

Oh I hear you on the spending making money thing...would be nice...I love old barns too...and would love to live on a huge spread with an old barn and turn it into my studio/selling with a bunch of vendors thing...ah grilled cheese..we had that yesterday at lunch when me and kimmy were out was asiago cheese with bacon on sourdough I believe...very I bought some asiago cheese...have a great day my dear...:)

Heidi said...

I love barns too! Here in my home state of Iowa are some really awesome barns. They are disappearing too fast though. I have a friend from a different part of Iowa that is bringing the tradition of barn quilts to this eastern part of Iowa. They are too cool! I am with you on the money thing. Why is it so much more fun to spend than to make?

Tan said...

Hi Jennifer

thanks for visiting my blog ... do read my latest writes whenever you get time ...

will visit you more :)


Cris said...

Yes, I love old barns too. There are lots of them around here. Also, we live very near one of the oldest covered bridges. It is so cool. I used to take the kids wading in the creek below it.

We use our panini press a lot around here. My daughter at Mizzou uses hers constantly. It is really good to put sliced avocados or artichokes on those grilled cheeses!

Lisa Lectura Creations said...

Hi Jenny! I love old red barns too. Great pic! I hope you guys feel better. Panini's...yummy! I can't wait to see your next doll creation!

Lisa :)

Stacey said...

Ohh there are some wonderful old barns around here and I do have to take the time to get out and take photos of a bunch of them before they dissappear. There's also the neatest old schoolhouse not far away that I must get to and take a photo of.

Muenster cheese is awesome for a grilled cheese sandwich!

Hope your hubby is feeling better soon.

Have a great weekend :) ~Stacey

Meadowbrook Cabin Primitives said...

Oh, Jenny..

Red barns surround me where I live ! And the dairy cows to go with the barns ! We have some nice barns in this state of PA.. more east and south of where I live are some really great looking barns and old homes..

On Route 45 near Centre Hall/State College area is a round barn. I have a great photo of it I took with poppies in the foreground during early summer years back.. Also on this Route 45, are old log homes going toward Lewisburg.

Grilled cheese and tomato soup ..that is on my menu tonight for dinner.. ! And throw a few pickles on the side.. I can't seem to get away from the Campbell's brand of soup.

Hugs and happy rug hooking !

Paula said...

Love the red barn picture!It would make a great painting! Love your rug as well,The kitties are so cute how they seem to find the cutest places to nap!