Monday, March 23, 2009

My New Buddy & Other Stuff

This is Dominic. I call him Buddy, because he does not respond to that name. He was the kitty that would hang outside my front lawn and play with the birds. He has a collar on, so I sent out notes to all my neighbors and found out he does have a home. (a young man with a bunch of room mates and other pets) Knowing what home he came from, I get why he won't leave here. I started letting him in at night so he would not get hurt by the fox. That was last Tuesday....He has not left. I let him out, but he always comes here instead of his real home. His owner says he does his own thing. Honestly, I wish his owner would just let him stay forever...heehee. He gets along with everyone (yes even Shadow) He seems to not be bothered by their bitchiness and just walks away, therefore he has gained their respect. Dana even plays chase with him in the yard. Now, you see why I want to keep him. He lays with me when I nap. Which has been daily, the last few. My cold has not gone away and after crying my eyes out watching The Duchess, yesterday, I got myself a horrible headache. Been nursing that all morning, sleeping and popping aspirin. I will love the day I can stop taking drugs. No wander all I want to do is sleep. I took a brief moment to try out my new hook rug holder...whatever it's called. It is so much easier to use!

Sorry, I have not visited any blogs lately...I cannot wait till my life and head are back to normal!


Lemongrass Love said...

Sorry your cold is miserable, yuck! Try to chant..this too shall pass. Perhaps that will help? That's quite an ambitious rug you've started! Did you get the plastic hoop? Mine is perhaps my favorite thing ever!

Pease Porridge said...

Your new buddy is so cute. I have Foster scheduled to have his little ballies snipped this week. Poor little guy. Hope it all goes well.

I will have to remember to rent that movie.


~Tonya said...

Awwww, so sorry that you are feeling so terrible. I have had a headache for about 4 days and just will not go away...

My sister said it is most likely sinus junk. I have not been normal for about 5 weeks now. This crud just will not let go. I took some more drugs today for sinus and my headache (for now) is finally gone. YAY! I hope you feel better.

Just let Buddy stay with you. LOL Sounds like he adopted you and loves you. Poor kitty cat, I would stay too. Sounds like the owner does not much care.

Have a good evening Jenny.

Terri said...

Feel better! It's good that you have a snuggle buddy - you should just keep him! :)