Saturday, March 14, 2009

A love-hate relationship

That is what I have with my laptop!

I think I spent more than 4 hours yesterday trying to download Free AVG. Finally, I decided I wanted my Norton and Webroot back, so I had to configure my email on it so I could get the security codes (because I had already had subscriptions, before I decided to uninstall them for the Free AVG -crap.) Anyway, after all that, now they say my subscriptions are out of date or it wants me to buy another one because they think I am using it for another computer. What a pain int he *&%^.

This is my second laptop, in 3 years. At least they determined (after 6 months of not having anything) that I could get a brand new one! I never told them that I banged my fist on it a few But, It sure does pay to have that warranty! Now, when ever I have the urge to terrorize my laptop, I try to think more clearly..but it is really hard sometimes. Anger management for laptop users is essential.

Anyway, I am just babblin cuz I got nothing better to share! Sorry! Really! lol

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Jenny said...

Well, maybe the next time my computer takes a dive, I will get me a Macbook, but I am hoping I won't have to deal with that for a while. :)